As a member of NCEE Labs, you will receive special membership benefits

• Special membership pricing discounts.
Discounts vary depending upon each company’s status as sustaining, business, or general members. Sustained members receive discounts of 10% on testing, while business members receive discounts of 5%. If you represent one division of your corporation, every other division of the member’s parent company is also entitled to the 5% or 10% discount, depending on membership level, when paid in net 30 days. Overall cost savings to the corporation could be substantial.

• Preference in test scheduling.
We maintain a flexible testing schedule, and staff work closely with each member to develop an effective plan for testing. If you want to be on-site during testing, and have multiple products, we’ll set up a schedule so you can get all of the products tested consecutively or concurrently, reducing unneeded expense. If the tests don’t meet specifications, we’ll re-schedule testing to help you meet your deadlines.

• Access to the NCEE Standards library.
Any standards in NCEE’s library are available for members to review while they are in our facility.

• Reasonable lead times.
Most often, only two weeks notice is required to schedule testing at our lab.

• 10% discount on educational seminars and training.
This also applies to different divisions of your organization.

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